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Lesson 1: Spelling rules

There are several rules that will help you in your future studies. Learn them now and don't forget them. These few rules will make your study easier, as you will see in the future lessons.

First you need to learn that there two types of vowels in Russian language: hard vowels and soft vowels. Every hard vowel has it's own soft pair. Soft vowel softens the pronunciation of the consonant that preceds it. See the vowels in the table below.

А (a)Я (ya)
Э (e)Е (ye)
Ы (ui)И (i)
О (o)Ё (yo)
У (u)Ю (yu)

Then learn these three rules.

Rule 1
After К, Г, Х, Ч, Ж, Ш and Щ never write Ы, Ю or Я. Use И, У and А instead.

Rule 2
After Ч, Ж, Ш, Щ or Ц never write unaccented О. Instead use Е.

Rule 3
Following letter combinations in Russian don't exist: ЙА, ЙЭ, ЙЫ or ЙУ. Instead use Я, Е, И and Ю.
Йо (which could be replaced Ё) exists. For example: Йога (Yoga), Йогурт (yoghurt)...

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